The Challenges of Optimizing Unspent Output Selection

When we talk about bitcoins being stored on the block chain, most people speak in terms of “address balances” which makes sense from an accounting perspective, but this is not how coins are actually represented in the data structure of the block chain. Instead of an address “containing coins,” “coins” are actually stored as “unspent…


BitGo Secures First-Ever Comprehensive Bitcoin Theft Insurance From XL Group Insurance Companies

Developed in Conjunction with Innovation Insurance Group LLC, Risk of Theft and Loss of Bitcoins Secured with BitGo’s Leading Multi-Sig Platform Will Now Receive Full Underwriting Protection   Palo Alto, CA (February 25, 2015) – BitGo®, the leader in bitcoin security, announced today that it has secured first-of-its-kind insurance coverage for bitcoin theft from the…


Announcing the Coinbase Developer Platform

Here at Coinbase, we take pride in building some of the world’s most popular bitcoin products. From merchant tools to multi-signature storage, we’re constantly striving to offer useful features to our users. These products are powered by the same infrastructure we offer to all our users through the Coinbase API. As such, we’re excited to…

CNN Special: Inside Man On ‘Living On Bitcoin’

CNN has a show featuring Morgan Spurlock, the Academy Award nominated director of “Super Size Me,” in which he spends an entire season doing insider investigations to learn more about the next big things, from bitcoin to medical tourism to robots and more. His show is as you would expect, nothing short of insightful and…


BitGoD: A Multi-Sig Drop-in Replacement for bitcoind

A few weeks ago, we published an article explaining how BitGo had built a piece of software called BitGoD, which offers access to the BitGo Platform API through a drop-in replacement for bitcoind. Since then, we’ve built out coverage for additional bitcoind JSON-RPC calls in BitGoD, added a test suite, and added the ability to validate transaction…


OAuth Apps on Coinbase

Do you want to send small amounts of bitcoin to friends across the web? Buy and sell things globally with your mobile device? Collect tips on Twitch for great content? You’re in luck – there’s a Coinbase app for that.  There is a growing array of applications built with the Coinbase API that enable you…