We speak with baritus about DigitalCoin, SecureCoin, Argentum, and Crypto Ave

DigitalCoin has long been one of my favorite crypto currencies, and it remains one of the ones I’ve picked for having the potential to be one of the biggest markets of 2014. But did you know that the creator of DigitalCoin is also behind two other prominent altcoins? The developer of all three — baritus — is no stranger to anyone in the crypto community. He’s currently very busy setting up a new exchange that will allow users to trade his three coins as well as some others for USD, and vice versa. Despite his schedule, he was kind enough to take the time to talk with us and answer a few questions about DGC, SRC, ARG, and the future.


BRENDON LINDSEY: You’ve been no stranger to promoting DigitalCoin as being an extremely fair coin, both in terms of the launch and in terms of the block rewards not favoring early adopters. Why were those two choices important for you when releasing the coin? baritus: It is important to establish a community on the principles of fairness, equality, and togetherness. When you have a good group of people behind a currency, it naturally attracts others and together you can build on a solid foundation. A currency needs to be focused on the longterm as well as the short term. We focus on the longterm through service development and providing a

long lasting incentive to secure and use the network. These days, it seems there are a few new alts each day, and almost all of them have a varying percentage pre-mined. Do you think that people are becoming too complacent accepting a pre-mine as the norm? Why do you think that is? Many alts now a days are only concerned with making a quick profit and don’t care about the effects of the pre-mine on the economy. Many people

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use these alts as games to pump and dump a large amount on unsuspecting and risky traders. A lot of people see DigitalCoin and Worldcoin as “one or the other” investments, potentially because of both coins being the biggest named alts to be working on a crypto-to-USD platform. But do you think that’s fair? Or do you think there’s plenty of room for both DGC and WDC to prosper? I think there is room for both to prosper. As long as service development continues and the community keeps growing, any currency can succeed. DGC is focused on remaining one of the most secure crypto currencies with a 100% secure record while at the same time providing a fast network. Many competitors have not maintained the same record. You’re widely regarded as one of the best developers in cryptocurrency. What’s the key to being a successful dev? Do you have any words of advice for other developers stepping into the field? The community is the most important aspect of any currency. They gives it value, secure it, and build an economy around it. A dev should keep working to improve the software, stay responsive to the environment, and work on services that add value. Not only do you have DigitalCoin, but you also have SecureCoin and Argentum. What’s your vision for how all three will work together? With three active coins, that’s also a lot of development work. How do you ensure that all three remain successful and updated? DGC and SRC are very different in that SRC can not be GPU mined. Eventually, there will be a miner client that allows users to choose what percentage of their CPU and GPU to dedicate to mining and the DGC/SRC will be mined automatically. ARG will be another option, with randomized rewards, for those that want to try their luck at mining. I update them whenever it is necessary and I’m pretty good at it by now Smiley. Speaking of development work, let’s talk about CryptoAve. What made you decide to work on setting up an exchange featuring your coins yourself, rather than rely one external exchanges like most devs? CryptoAve will provide exchange capabilities to USD and other fiat currency. It will also serve as a reliable location where anyone can buy and sell DGC, SRC, ARG, PPC, LTC, and BTC at any time. You’ve been in closed beta for CryptoAve since early December. How’s the feedback from testers so far? The feedback has been great. I’ve had a lot of software development experience and I know that testing is most of any serious project. It’s especially important on an exchange and security has been my number one priority. We will continue testing in the Open Beta and add even more features from the tester’s suggestions. Were there any surprises encountered in creating CryptoAve? Or, overall, has it been a pretty smooth process? It’s been a predictable process but anyone who has managed a large project knows there are always difficulties. A lot of testing and perseverance later and it’s looking great. Once CryptoAve is launched, are there any other major development plans you have in mind related to DGC/SRC/ARG? Or do you plan to finally sit back and rest for a bit? There are other projects already in the works. I’m working on gaming software that uses DGC for user balances.. More on that another time.. Smiley The Java implementation of the DGC block chain has been completed and a lightweight client is in testing by another developer, ShimalH. He is also working on a bitmit type crypto currency marketplace with DGC, BTC, and LTC integrated into the DGC wallet. There are a lot of people currently getting into cryptos thanks to the popularity of Doge and other recent altcoins, and they consider anything released more than a month ago as “too old to get/mine”. What do you want to say to those new adopters, to convince them to add their mining power to the DGC/SRC/ARG pools? The more established currencies have proven their security, community, and drive. DGC/SRC/ARG have provided great returns to investors and remained secure throughout. There are a lot of gains to be made on all three but especially DGC, I do believe it is the most undervalued crypto currency. We’d like to thank baritus for taking the time to speak with us. You can learn more about his three coins at their official sites (DGC, SRC, ARG). Stay tuned

to the CryptoAve site for when it launches.  

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